CTM MAGAZINE Virtual Office

Beautiful and functional websites that cater to your business



Beautiful and functional websites that cater to your business


Virtual offices by CTM MAGAZINE are strictly designed with beauty and efficiency of a mini personal business center. ** Its use is intended for countless technical branches and independent professionals; to simplify your business with fast and effective activities such as scheduling appointments or events, provide estimates, billing for your services, manage your portfolio, reporting on new products, accept payments with cards etc. * Personal Business Virtual Offices are an effective tool to captivate your current customers and win new ones, no matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, electrician, photographer, personal trainer, stylist, statesman, politician, musician, poet or writer, our offices are tailored to the personality of each business.

All our virtual offices are beautifully designed in HTML5 to work from any PC. MAC, Android or IOS. - Basic subscription starts at $ 95 per year and has all the features of our website but! customized and tailored to your business, making every office unique and different , simple and elegant but beautifully efficient and functional from anywhere in the world where your customers are. *All offices have automatic protection for graphic content, videos and writings.*

*Beautiful HD video presentation. *5 Descriptive Segments Portal. *Billing and collection system via PayPal. *Customer Service System. *Arranging appointments System. *Quick call to your Android or IOS System. *Quick Call to Skype. *Live Chat System. * Digital Content Protection System. *Quick Contact, payments, appointments Widget and more.

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